AHS Class of "94"
Reunion Committee Meeting Minutes

6 July 2019

Rachel Anderson – Treasurer
Amy Loshesky
Angel Rusinski
Ray Peterson

Meeting called to order by Rachel Anderson

Treasurers Report:
RA reported that the balance on hand projected expenses are currently $6741.00.
Ray Jack has made a generous donation to the cause.
Tricia donated the cost of the advertising in the Leader.
Jamie Knott will drop off checks to me, so we are able to pay vendors etc.

Committee Report:

Jamie check in with Angel, she would like to know if it is okay to bring trailer to the barn for the night of event.

Web site – Map and Directions Added to Main Page
 -    Rachel will do weekend itinerary to pass out with Maps.

Catering Friday – La Toscana to be picked up by Richard Marcus Friday 4:45

Catering Saturday – Jamie Knott took 406 Bistro to the Barn this week to show the vendor the layout.

Billy Jo will call 406 Bistro to check on utensilsplates

Card Reader for Paypal Transactions has been set up.

Venmo Account for Payments has been set up. Ahs.25.reunion.1994@gmail.com

Phone with Hotspot provisioned for Events.

Ruzy is getting us a cooler with ice for $150.00 for Barn.

We can start dropping stuff off after 7 am 7/13 to the barn. Bummer and I will be there prior to brewery tour doing initial set up if anyone wants to come out.

Alcohol for Saturday

  •  Keg of Bud light has been ordered, Bummer will pick up Friday
  •  Several Cases of canned Drinks Ordered
  •  Soda has been purchased
  •  Bottled Water has been purchased
  •  Smores Bar items have been purchased
  •  White Wine/Red Wine 15 bottles, I will donate the red. I have a lot from Wine subscription I am not drinking.
  • 2 types Sangria – 6 gallons of awesome sauce! Will pick up alcohol Friday. 

Angel/Dan in charge of wood. Will most likely have Ray bring some plates from the shop too.

I will work on playlist this week for the Barn for Music.

Things We Need Help With

  •  Setup Friday Copper Crown
  •  Setup Saturday Peterson Barn
  •  Clean Up Saturday –  after event
  •  Sunday – Cedar Park Lane, Amt is going to take care of this event for me. Bummers dad is unfortunately at end of life. Bummer has family coming to Butte on 07/14, so I will need to be in Butte.  I will give Amy Monday Saturday to pick up veggie tray and sandwiches.
  •  Print Order from Albertsons
  •  Pick up extra stuff from Albertsons chips?

Rachel needs Claire to do –

  •  Take camera to Melissa to program.
  •  Help Set up Saturday Afternoon.
  •  Misc pickups
  •  PA needs to make Brownies for Fridays triffles. Remind Wed….

        Angel paid for 2 ipad tickets. I need to fill out two tickets for her.


AHS Class of "94"
Reunion Committee Meeting Minutes
20 June 2019
  1. Attendance
    1. Present
      1. Rachel Anderson – Treasurer
      2. Jamie Marie Knott - Secretary
      3. Ray Peterson
      4. Tonya Kulaski Mavrinac
      5. Tricia Leary Hoiland
      6. Tricia Shagina
  2. Welcome
The meeting was called to order by Rachel Anderson at 7:00pm @ Club Moderne Anaconda
  1. Minutes
    1. The minutes of the 18 May 2019 meeting were read and approved. Minutes will be emailed to all and posted on the Class of 94 reunion Planner group.
  2. Treasurers Report
    1. RA reported that the balance on hand projected expenses are $5025.00. XXXX in expenses has been covered by Rachel Anderson and paid toward events and necessary items to date.
    2. Rachel Anderson will still  go to Glacier and have herself added as a secondary signer on the account. Need to do week of 6/24. Jamie said also anyone contributing is welcome to do so as well. 
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Web site – The web site managed by Rachel Anderson continues to be active and classmates are encouraged to send updated pictures, etc.
    2. Reunion Date – The dates for the 25th year reunion are Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 12th, 13th and 14th of July 2019.
    3. 35 RSVP’s for Events Currently, Jamie posted to FB page for additional RSVP.
    4. Fees for PayPal transactions and My Event Transactions discussed.
Card Reader need TIN or EIN - already purchased this morning 6/21/19
3-7 day delay on the release of fund for new accounts.
Fees: 2.9% +.30
Credit Card Processing 3% 
Transfer fees: .5%

My Event Website
Fees: 2.9%
Credit Card Processing 3% + .75 per ticket
Transfer Fees: $2.50

                               E.  Vote was taken on dinner for Saturday – Pulled pork it is.
                                        1.             Billy Jo will Connect with 406 Bistro.
                               F.   Pricing Discussed and Finalized
                Price Per Night Per Person
Friday Only: $20.00
Saturday Only: $40.00
Sunday Only: $20.00

Weekend Pricing Not Inclusive of Brewery Tour
Couple: $140.00
Individual: $70.00
Brewery/Distillery Tour: $40.00
Ipad Raffle 6th Generation 32GB
-          $10 per ticket.
G. Still need to order photo booth, 200 picture packages will do this soon as I have $$. Lol
H.  Tricia Hoiland will contact the Leader for an ad regarding the reunion
I.   Event Submitted to Anaconda Chamber of Commerce
K.   Rachel Anderson will order Sliders from Albertsons for Sunday July 14th for Bowling before we meet again.
  1. Next Meeting – The next meeting will be scheduled after July 4th locations TBD
  2. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
Respectfully submitted, Rachel E Anderson