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March 1, 2019

Class of 1994 Blog

I am a planner. It’s just a part of my nature ask my friends, their children, or significant others. I am extra, its often an aquired taste. I like to be involved from the outside, and organize things. It makes it easier to engage at a distance. So it stands to reason I would be one of “those” people.

Our high school graduation happened 25 years ago now, and I am currently in the process (along with a relatively small group of classmates) of planning a casual, (but hopefully fun event!) Well we want it to be fun, we want people to engage and be a part of something bigger.  Our history, the good bad and ugly is what makes us who we are today. 

So here are the things we want you to know.

EVERYONE is invited. No-one is intentionally left out. There is no conspiracy to not invite people. It’s a class reunion. By definition, that means everybody. Nobody even remembers when you stole so and so’s significant other. In that case most people are saying "Thank you god and baby jesus you saved me from myself."  If you didn't make it to graduation day, you moved, you had childern early, school wasn't for you. Whatever the reason you are all still a part of our history. Things happens, life forces all sorts of variables on us.

Imagine trying to plan a reunion where you have to cover your costs. Included in the cost is your actual food cost, alcohol, venues not to mention money for decorations, entertainment, favors, paying for odds and end like mailings and website. You name it the whole scenario is expensive. The cost per couple may seem expensive, until you account for all of these things. There isn't a magic wand, no one provides funds. Most of us who are planning, are checking our wallets at the moment thinking "if only I was independently wealthy" we would all party like rock stars.

Even if you don’t plan to attend, please help us spread the word.There are people who genuinely want to connect with others. People who are interested in what you are up to, there are also people who are stuggling with life circumstances, who want to connect with a framiliar face.

Didn’t like those people in high school? That’s ok... you probably aren’t the same person you were back then and they aren’t either. Don’t hold the past against anyone. Besides, you probably have more in common with your classmates now than you did when you were a teen. Married? Divorced? Have kids? Still live in town? Living in Sin.. Regardless of life circumstances, the landscape of our lives is completely different. That is what makes us all unique. If you really don’t want to attend, it’s ok - but please be considerate of the people doing the planning. Obviously, they see value in having class reunions - otherwise we wouldn’t give up so much of our time to put one on!

We’re all busy, and we just choosing to devote some time to this. We are (or should be) open to suggestions and even criticisms. We want to be sure we are devoting enough time and energy toward planning something people will WANT to come to. But be gentle - and offer to help if you want to! You can also, consider adding a small amount to your payment as a donation or volunteer to help.

Class reunions can be fun. No, really - they CAN! That is big statement for someone who is an introvert. But life itself I find is really the great equalizer - we’re all in this together, right? In all seriousness... give your classmates a break and a chance. Noone should be judged in their life then or now. 

High school - by its nature it’s supposed to be a time of growing and maturing and just generally figuring stuff out. Sure, there may have been friction back then - but that will exsist in all sorts of social situations for the rest of our lives. The nice part of a reunion is that you all have something in common - somehow you managed to survive those crazy high school years - for better or worse, TOGETHER. And if you can’t be at peace with where you’ve been in your life, how prepared are you really for where you’re going next?


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