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June 17, 2019

Attending Reunions

Attending a reunion can present psychological, financial, and logistical problems. That is clearly not the intent of reunions but it happens.

High school reunions tend to bring up old memories, some of which may be unpleasant—like seeing the “mean girls” who used to make fun of you, or the guy/girl who turned you down when you asked him/her to the prom. Try to keep in mind we can all be mean, especially when we are young. We are run amuck with insecurities, ignorance and outside influences at that age. Sometimes these things also manifest when people are trying to protect themselves.

People may also be reluctant to go their high school reunion because of feeling embarrassed around physical appearance or insecurity about their lack of achievements since graduation. Again, we all have this, it just looks and feels differently for all of us.

In all honesty, no one cares how much money you’ve made, if your the VP of Operations, if you are packing around a few extra pounds or maybe you only weigh 10 pounds. None of those add value to you as an overall human being. At the end of the day it is simply the human being that is important and not the filler that makes up our daily lives.

Reunions can be eye-opening. We usually develop wisdom and maturity as we age. Encountering classmates and recalling old memories, good and bad, may help us gain better insight into who we are now and how we got here.

It can be a time to go down “memory lane.” That is, to reminiscence about people we knew as well as our mutual history in such things as music and historical events. In fact, renewing old friendships and reliving the fun and feelings we had in high school can be significant, if you can actually step outside of yourself long enough to recognize your own value.

Financially, if your are struggling to make it. Please
email us. Trust me, we have all been here at some point. We will bend over backwards to help you on the down-low, if you really want to join us but are struggling to find the means to do so.

Bottom line... If you want to be here. We want you to be here with us!


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